With Sky at Your Back: Heliskiing in BC

Published in the Dallas Morning News

NEAR GOLD BRIDGE, British Columbia — “To be honest, I am not here to visit Canada. I came here to go heli-skiing. If the best skiing was in North Korea, I would go there.”

So says Frank Naumann, a taciturn, middle-aged software engineer from Coburg, Germany, as we sip lagers and watch the snow swirling outside. Today was supposed to be Naumann’s first chance to finally realize a lifelong dream of heli-skiing in the Canadian Rockies. But Mother Nature has gone and dumped all over his deep-powder debut.

“Don’t worry, Frankie, we’re still looking good for tomorrow,” shouts veteran heli-ski guide Matt Valade from across the bar at Tyax Wilderness Resort, a recently renovated 29-room luxury log lodge with a large dining room and a state-of-the-art spa on the shores of Tyaughton Lake, 200 miles north of Vancouver. “Make sure you bring your powder legs,” Valade adds. “You’re going to need them.”

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